Link Love Thursday: Double Stuf Edition

Since I missed last week…


Bronan the Barbarian – Fly Fresh and Barbaric Presents: Manospambots! and Super Search Term Update: Fat Gay Computer Edition

Hidden Leaves – Sunlight on Morning Wood

Cakes and Shakes – Blogger Interview: Celebrating Obesity, Barbarian-Style and I’m Every Woman. And That’s Alright.

Sexy Christian Wife – Dressing Like a Woman

Married Man Sex Life – Reader Story: MAP is the New Lifestyle and Empathy and Helping Others: Capacitor vs. Conduit

The Woman and the Dragon – Here’s how it works, men: We say jump, you ask how high.

And I’m way late on this one, but it’s a must-read if you haven’t already:

M3 – Confessions of a Reformed InCel

3 comments on “Link Love Thursday: Double Stuf Edition

  1. mmmm Oreos, thanks for the love RPW!

  2. Thank you, dear!

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