Link Love Thursday

The Woman and the Dragon – Gorgons for Christ: “My son is going to be a man and there is nothing I can do to stop it!”

Dalrock – Children are as likely to end up living with neither parent as they are with just their father.

Delightful Sis – Little Steps for Big Changes, Honoring Our Men

Marriage in the Bedroom – Leading and Accepting Leadership Is Hard

Average Married Dad – Building Your Marriage Moat

Bronan the Barbarian – Fly Fresh & Barbaric Presents: Poon Runner! and Poon Runner! – The World’s Greatest Movie Never Made Part II

Chateau Heartiste – Why Don’t Fathers Teach Their Sons Well?

12 comments on “Link Love Thursday

  1. Thanks for the link-love! Saw you’ve made the cut in Ian’s book, can’t wait to read that one! :)

  2. Thanks for the link, BTW I plan on changing my name every week..just kidding, sort of.

  3. Thanks for the linkage!

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