Woe is me and shit.

Sorry for the lack of entries here, folks.

I’ve been writing some things out, but my drafts folder is getting rather extensive. I just can’t focus enough to finish. I’m starting to feel really down on myself, in just about every way. It’s been a really hard month.

The thing is, I don’t want to talk about the bad things. I feel like I’d be using this as a place to dump, and no one wants to read my pissing and moaning about stupid shit. So I’m left with not much to talk about.

I don’t really know what to do with it all right now. I just want to sleep. Even though the boys are sleeping through the night, I can’t get enough sleep. It’s wearing on me.

Sorry if you’re expecting something insightful from me. I’ll have something interesting to talk about eventually.

19 comments on “Woe is me and shit.

  1. Write what you want, don’t sweat it.

    Raising kids is soooooo hard, hang in there, things will turn up soon enough.

    Dallas might even break their losing streak at some point.

  2. It’s a great place to rant on… never underestimate this fact :D … and then there are people like me… who like to read anything!

  3. I think you should write about the bad as well as the good. That’s part of marriage. Personally, I felt better last week after reading on your site that it’s all January’s fault. And HHG and I *finally* apologized to each other this morning after ten icy days, so now I’m looking forward to a new month and lots of making-up sex. :)

    • Aaw, I’m glad y’all made up :)

      I also know that I’ll probably be called out for being a crazy bitchy woman, so it’s hard to put it out there… I’ve got a lot of old habits that are surfacing. Pair that with everything going on + my stubbornness, and it’s recipe for disaster.

  4. Sounds like you need some me time RPW…sometimes when you can’t even go to the bathroom by yourself…you just need to go somewhere by yourself for a couple of hours…
    I think we all should blog the good and the bad…life isn’t always rainbows and lollipops. Don’t accept criticism that isn’t constructive…kids are freaking hard. I notice sometimes that the people who say that they have the kid thing all figured out…don’t have kids yet!:)

    • Captain M has been great about kicking me out of the house when I need it… I’m just feeling like its not enough. Which is pretty unreasonable, I can’t just leave the house all the time when I feel bad. Every couple of weeks yeah, but when he gets home I just want to run screaming from life and find somewhere to nap.

  5. Parenting is hard! Take it easy :-)

  6. So, what key moments are you looking forward to as the boys grow?. What dreams do you have for them and how has their presence blessed your life? How sweet do they look as they lie there in innocent sleep? How do their little bare bottoms feel cupped in your hand as you hold their naked little bodies to your breasts? How much joy do you find in each of their discoveries of the bigger world around them; so much to see, hear, feel, taste and all of it new and exciting. How much happiness does each giggle, belly laugh and smile bring just when you need it most? How sweet and clean do they smell when freshly bathed, powdered and lotioned up, especially their little heads and cheeks? (Can you say BETA, boys and girls. Like I care!) Surely, there is something in there to write about that can lift your spirits. Forget the sex and adult relationship stuff for the moment. Refocus on the beauty before you.

    If you can’t do that, I’ll send your momma over. You remember Momma don’t you and what she sweetly urged at times like this to encourage you and lift your spirits when you were down in the mulligrubs:

    “You want something to cry about? I’ll give you something to cry about!”

    This too shall pass. Nothing of this earth is forever; neither sorrows nor joys. Choose which you wish to life your life around in this moment.

  7. Oh girl. You can vent here if you want. We can’t all be awesome all the time. (Although you are awesome most of the time.) Things will look up. I’m here if you want to email. Lord knows I owe ya.

  8. I read where Chris Brown got in a bitch fight with Frank Ocean’s body guard over a parking spot…then Tweeted a picture of Jesus comparing himself to JC. Last time I looked JC was not an auto tune poser that beat on women;) Maybe you could cover that…lol

  9. Baby- C’mere. Relax, it’s no worry Angel. Rest. Fuck the blog. Take a break and sort things out; we’ll be right where you left us.

    Luff you Angel.

  10. You are doing a great job don’t sweat it. Your blog is a new favorite of mine and i enjoy your viewpoint. And i agree you should also talk about the bad stuff, keep it real and it will seem real. We all have issues too.

  11. Dump dump dump!

    We don’t care. It’s cathartic. It’s chicken soup for the soul. It’s a gathering of the minds! (even if we ain’t all there sumtimes ya know what i mean jelly bean?)

    Like i said before. I voluntarily retracted my balls for you and let you friendzone me. If ever you need to talk, you got my email. Fire away.

    Oh, and about your drafts folder? Join the club….

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  12. Most of these blogs are people venting in the form of vicarious advice anyway.

  13. We learn far, far more from our mistakes than we do our successes. If you are having issues, use the opportunity (in your abundant free time — right!) to de-construct the anatomy of the experience. How much is coming from you? How much is outside factors? How much is seasonal, dietary, or physiological? It can be hard to take refuge in reason and logic when we feel like curling up with a gallon of Mint Chocolate Chip and considering the wonders of authentic cubic zirconium jewelry mailed directly to your door, but that’s where you discover the truly helpful insights.

    So don’t worry so much about what you’re writing. But examine your experience in such a way where you can explain it to someone, objectively, and you’ll comb the insights from the chaff. Figure out the “why” of it, and the experience of it becomes more bearable.

    At least in theory.

    Or you could just get drunk and tear one off. Either way works.

  14. not sure what to say to be helpful RPW. I was not a super pleasant wife when my 3rd kid was about the age your twins are. I used to ask DH to just let me go hang out in the bedroom by myself for 1/2 an hour. On the little time he was home from work and we could be a family together. Not nice. With three kids under age 3, they are always clinging to you physically, constantly. It all passes, it all gets better. But I remember I needed to get out of the house so bad, and it is logistically hard to get out of the house, one adult with 3 little ones. When the little one was mobile but the other ones were not old enough to be trusted out and about, I could not make it to the playground. Too chaotic. It was months without being able to go out to let them roam and let me breath some fresh air.

    I have no idea if this is where you are, or if it is other stuff bothering you. Just thinking of you and wishing you well.

    I am not so sure about the venting. I am glad I don’t have a record of whatever bad feelings I’ve had when I’ve been stressed out over being a SAHM. There’s stuff, frustrations and emotional swings and such that just pass and you eventually forget. But once it is out there in written word on the net, more difficult to forget and let it pass.


  15. I don’t want to talk about the bad things. I feel like I’d be using this as a place to dump, and no one wants to read my pissing and moaning about stupid shit

    Why not? That’s what blogs and journals were invented for. ;)

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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