First Officer’s Log, Stardate 90698.11

Met another fellow First Officer last night. Can I just say, all the Red Pill ladies I’ve met so far are hot? It just needed to be said. Smokin hotties.

We double dated with our Captains to a minor league hockey game, was a lot of fun. I expected a few more penalties and fights, but the game was pretty tame. But a good time was had by all.

Life is slowing down just a teenie bit. I’ve got a couple of books to read and review (if you sent me one, I swear I haven’t forgotten about you, life has been overwhelming), and I’m looking forward to jumping in.

Unfortunately, my workouts are slowing down too. But with a medical reason.

I noticed when I started working out that my tailbone felt “out of place”. A rather odd sensation… I felt like the bone was poking outward almost, and it makes any kind of sit-ups impossible without leaning to one side. I’ve been doing alternate exercises. I finally got tired of it, and went to my hippy-dippy crunchy granola chiropractor. I love this woman.. I’d have never survived a twin pregnancy without her. Her hands are miraculous. But she’s usually very reserved, very calm, exudes a very peaceful energy… I heard a concern in her voice like “holy shit” when she started working on me. She told me to cut out the workouts for now, and see her again on Wednesday. Don’t have to tell me twice. She kinda scared me a little. She adjusted me, but it’s still in a somewhat odd position… I can still feel it when I’m sitting. I guess the weight of 14 lbs of baby can really screw with the bones in your body.

Our 9 year anniversary is coming up pretty quickly. Well, our first anniversary, our “secret” anniversary. I don’t remember if I explained that we actually got married twice. I’m working on a relationship-history/how-we-met post, so maybe I’ll throw it in there.

Things are going ok with us at the moment. In the grand scheme of things, we’re in a good place. We could be doing a lot worse.

21 comments on “First Officer’s Log, Stardate 90698.11

  1. HEY! you’re writing… good for you… good for all… ; )

  2. Deo gratias, especially with Lent just around the corner.

    • Most definitely.

      Trying to decide what to do for Lent. I used to like to add things instead of taking them away… For example, going to daily Mass instead of giving up a food or habit. The years I did that were ultimately the most meaningful Lents I’ve had.

      Unfortunately, not so easy to do these days. Last year I tried to do a daily reflection, forget what the name of the book I used was, but I fell off the wagon pretty quickly… I have a copy of Shorter Christian Prayer, but not sure I could keep up with the LotH, even if it was just morning and evening. Maybe I’ll start with just evening, and try to add from there. Oooh, I wonder if there’s an iPad app for that? :P

      • I have two liturgy of the hours apps on my Android phone: Divine Office and Laudate. The Laudate was free and I like the prayers better. I start each day with the morning prayers (Lauds). I find it more difficult to pray when the day gets more hectic.

      • several, actually. I haven’t been happy with any of them but I’ve been praying the Office using the Benedictine form of the Office for nearly a decade. Not typical.

        We usually do partial abstinence from flesh meat on all days and total abstinence from flesh meat on Fridays. I need to finalize plans with my spiritual director, but I think we’ll do total abstinence from flesh meat on Wednesdays & Fridays. I’m planning to read St. Francis de Sales Introduction to the Devout Life & reread Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited.

        As we need to increase corporal mortification we’re exploring options that are consonant with our station.

        We may also change parishes. Long story there.

  3. “Met another fellow First Officer last night. Can I just say, all the Red Pill ladies I’ve met so far are hot? It just needed to be said. Smokin hotties.”

    … and usually married. ;P

    Good luck Wednesday, hope it helps.

  4. Thanks for the update. Hope your back comes around. Mine is perpetually wonky and i rely on my chiro to keep me healthy. When you come around, please stop doing situps and start doing planks (lots of variations there too). Much easier on the back and better for the core. Glad you guys are in a better spot!

  5. I’ve got an interval cardio workout that I ran into the other day that can be done seated. Flambeaux messed up his knee in December so I immediately thought of him, but it may be something that keeps you active depending on what the chiro says is wrong. I’ll email the link and you can take a look once you know what your limitations are. For now, prayers that you get better soon.

    This Lent I’m going to wake up with my alarm. it should give me the time to do things both spiritually and physically beneficial, but it’s mostly just the penitential aspect of not lingering in bed.

  6. Glad things are on the up and up. Too bad about your back, it’ll come around.

  7. It does very much sound like a dislocated tailbone.
    I think you should see a doctor as well. Whilst chiropracters can be pretty good, it can be difficult to admit when something is out of your remit, experience or expertise. Ask what’s going to be safe for you or your chiro to do for now. Hope you get better.

  8. Did you hear the one about the moron who continued playing ping pong after pulling his back 2 games in?

  9. My sympathies hope everything gets fixed with your spine.

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