Man Sues Ex-Wife for Cuckoldry


Richard Rodwell sued his ex-wife Helen for deceit after finding out the children he thought were his son and daughter both had a different father.

The 46-year-old factory manager said it was “like a bereavement because I have lost the children I believed were mine”.

“I can’t stop thinking about the children as they were my life,” he told the Mail on Sunday.
“I always wanted children and grandchildren and now it’s too late in life for me.”

Mr Rodwell, of Peterborough, helped raise Adam and Laura as his own until his marriage with their mother broke down and the couple divorced in 2004, the newspaper reported.

His ex-wife was granted custody and Mr Rodwell paid £300 a month maintenance for the children for the next four years.

But after hearing rumours that Laura, now 20, was not his daughter, he confronted her mother and ordered DNA tests in 2008.

“When I saw the letter stating that I wasn’t Laura’s father I just broke down,” he told the newspaper.
He added he would have been happy to have a close relationship with the children as a stepfather, but said his ex-wife would not allow this.

She didn’t even say sorry,” Mr Rodwell told the newspaper.

“It’s so sad.”

The couple first met in 1989 when they were both fruit pickers at a factory near King’s Lynn, Norfolk, and married a year later.

But Mr Rodwell said that by 2004 the marriage was struggling, with his then-wife disappearing for several days with no explanation as to where she was going or why.

Mr Rodwell, who has since married his second wife Trudi, 47, was awarded compensation of £12,500 for each child in 2011, along with costs of £25,000.

Roger Terrell, his solicitor, told the newspaper: “The court treated it as akin to bereavement, awarding a similar sum to the one you would receive if your child died in an accident.”

Mrs Rodwell, 44, declined to comment when approached by the newspaper.

Of course she declined comment. Everyone in the world now knows she’s a gold digging slut! I feel for this guy. What a punch in the gut that must have been.

This is pretty astounding, considering its the UK. They’ve got a pretty crummy history of family law skewed against fathers. Is this the tide turning, or just a pebble in the pond?

14 comments on “Man Sues Ex-Wife for Cuckoldry

  1. nothing is really changing in the uk. i dont see it at all. this case is a bit of a red herring. probably had a judge with a bit of common sense. anyway, the damages are really token damages. he has probably spent many times that bringing up these children. of course the children resent him instead of resenting their mother.

  2. Poor guy is right.

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  4. I read about this when it came out. What a whore! And not only that but she turned the children against him so he doesn’t even get to speak to them now. Honest to god, it absolutely disgusts me.

  5. Mandatory paternity testing.

    -avoids putting onus and responsibility on husband to be accused of not trusting wife
    -will make cuckolding prone women think twice knowing testing is performed regardless

    As a libertarian i believe in the principle of innocent until proven guilty and not in the ‘if you have nothing to hide you won’t have a problem with things like warrentless wiretapping’. I loathe the idea of making all women guilty and proving themselves innocent.


    Unfortunately, this is an issue that only affects one gender, since the woman is the one who ultimately knows the truth, while men have no access to that truth. This is a biological imbalance, and the law needs to recognize that. Just as biologically men do not give birth, hence they have zero rights to make a woman carry a child to term or to force her to abort. It’s ultimately her body. The law is written in favor of that biological reality.

    Men need the law written in their favor to avoid cuckolding. Humans are fallible. Women are human beings. Some lie. The law is supposed to balance protection of the individual and protection of groups. In this case, men need that protection. And the children need that protection. They need to know their biological father for their medical histories to be accurate. And it’s the right of the child to know unequivocally who their father is from day 1.

    Mandatory paternity testing.

    • “As a libertarian i believe in the principle of innocent until proven guilty and not in the ‘if you have nothing to hide you won’t have a problem with things like warrentless wiretapping’. I loathe the idea of making all women guilty and proving themselves innocent.


      ….yet libertarians also strongly believe in protection against fraud.

    • Can’t say I disagree.

  6. What a heart-breaking story.

  7. If paternity tests are mandatory,the governments have more excuses to promote gay marriages and perhaps the state will get into the business of procreation using technologies

  8. Cuckoldry should carry the exact same civil and criminal penalties as forcible rape. Not only should she be forced to pay damages but put into prison for 10 years.

  9. Agreeing with M3

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