9 Years

9 years ago, Captain M and I headed to the courthouse to secretly get married. No bells and whistles, just a JP and exchanged rings. We had the ceremony 3 months later. And we actually have two marriage certificates, one for each state we were married in! Then I drove back to Ft. Hood. Yup, long distance for 5 more months after we got married. And many ups and downs since then.

I <3 him. I'm a very lucky gal, and I know it. And I think he knows that I know it. ;)

19 comments on “9 Years

  1. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more…

  2. A woman is whining because her daughter’s husband has taken her children away from her, and is requesting people to please help her.

    I pointed out that TENS OF MILLIONS of MEN have had their children kidnapped by women, and the women REFUSED to help the men. So why should we help you women? And the reaction? The usual male-shaming language and man-hating feminist bullshit. How surprising.

    Here’s the full convo. To see my replies, scroll down to User ID 20438149


    • That’s sick, but not surprising. There was a guy on the MMSL forums in that situation… Wife got freaked out over him cleaning out the bank accounts (because she told him she was about to leave), she scooped up the kids and took them outside the state. Why would any parent think they have a right to take kids away from the other parent like that? Just because they have a vagina? Even in my bluest blue pill days, I couldn’t imagine doing such a hurtful thing.

  3. Happiest of Anniversaries…celebrate all year…

  4. “we actually have two marriage certificates, one for each state we were married in!”

    So is this some bizarre, progressive form of legal bigamy? Kids today.

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

    • Weird, right? We asked a lawyer friend, apparently you can get married in as many states as you want to. But if we ever get divorced (over my dead body!), we’d have to get divorced in both states. Lol.

      So probably not the smartest strategy, if you’re thinking realistically.

  5. We have a similar story, we just neglected to do a followup ceremony after we eloped (on April Fools’ Day, no less, and then I went back to do my last college semester 1500 miles away). Worked out for us, too. :) Congrats!

  6. Happy Secret Anniversary!

  7. Is this —> <3 supposed to look like a heart? It actually looks like boobs or a ball sack to me. But maybe it's like one of those ink blot pictures and that says more about me than anything.

    Happy anniversary, very romantic story.

  8. Happy Anniversary, may God grant you many years!

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