What’s In My Bathroom, Hair Edition

I’ve had some good results with a few things this week, thought I’d share what I’ve been using to make myself up. I’m not getting any compensation for the recommendations.

My hair is looking fabulous this week! I got sick of it being a frizzy poofy mess, and took action. My usual care routine is pretty abysmal. I usually only have time to shower at night (oh parenthood), and the blow dryer is too loud, so I go to bed with wet hair and wake up looking like this:


Hot, right?

First off, I needed a deep conditioner treatment. I picked up this stuff at Target for about $8 and applied after the usual shampoo and conditioner.


I left it in for probably 10 minutes longer than the directions suggested. My hair is petty damaged after being combed out of dreads. Yes, I had white girl dreads. You can make them very beautiful if you take care of them, but they weren’t for me. I could never find a shampoo that worked with the dreads (needed to be residue-free) and with my scalp.

Can’t say I don’t miss the awesome updos I could do with them though.

Anyway, back on topic! My hair still wet, I threw in some Chi Silk Infusion:


It comes in a 6oz bottle and costs a pretty penny ($16!!) but it’s worth it, in my opinion. My step-mom gave me a bottle, and I’m now addicted. You only use a tiny dime-sized amount at a time, and it makes your hair SO silky smooth after you apply any kind of heat.

Another thing I picked up at Target on a whim was the Remmington Wet 2 Straight flat iron:


I’ve tried using a regular flat iron on my hair when wet, and didn’t have a lot of success. I expected this one to be similar, because I wasn’t totally buying the “channels for steam” bit. But it worked like a charm, and dried my hair probably faster than blow drying did! It made getting ready for a date about 15 minutes shorter.

All 3 together made my hair soft, silky, and gorgeous!

I’m fairly clueless at this hair thing, so these things are all new to me. I kinda stabbed in the dark and happened to find good things. Do my gal readers have any recommendations?

19 comments on “What’s In My Bathroom, Hair Edition

  1. Chi products are great! They’re salon quality, so you shouldn’t need much. You’ll know if you used too much because your hair will feel weighed down. I used to manage high end salons, so I’m big on salon quality products, however you really can’t go wrong with any of L’Oreal’s products, so I think you picked some good ones.

    I’m totally trying that flat iron! I have curly hair that I blow dry straight, so I would love something that works well on wet hair. As it is I blow dry and then flat iron. Takes forever, so I’d love to cut out a step.

    • I’ll keep using it this month and get back to you… Hopefully it doesn’t totally fry my hair.

      • I’m thinking of picking up this flatiron…what do you think now that you’ve had a chance to use it for a while?

        • I still really like it, but I haven’t had as much of a chance to use it as I’d like. And the sound it makes when it’s running through wet hair kinda freaks me out, lol. But I got some Chi heat protector, and it hasn’t seemed to damage my hair much at all. I really like it. I was just thinking of making a follow up post about it actually, I read your mind! :)

  2. Argan Oil. It doesn’t merely coat the hair; it absorbs into the shaft. Good for nails and skin too. (That, with a drop of glycerin, is my only facial moisturizer, and I have painfully dry skin.) A bottle lasts me about 2 months.

    I almost picked up a bottle of Chi silk solution last week – I think I’ll give it a try.

  3. I’ve always avoided flat ironing my hair when it is wet. I just imagine the water boiling away in the hair shaft, making it all broken and leading to even frizzier hair. So your mission is to use your head as the guinea pig and report back to us in a month. :o)

    • It does make interesting noises with the water turning to steam… Sounds kinda like it’d frying :o But it didn’t seem to damage my hair any more than it would on dry hair. I’ll report back in a month. ;)

  4. I just switched from Skinny Serum to Paul Mitchell’s Styling Treatment Oil…wild ginger. The smell is incredible and it works great in this ridiculously humid environment. I still blowdry, then flat iron…would love to do it at the same time…let us know how it works!.

  5. Must be the month for hairdoo make overs. First Caken&Shakes.. now you.


    • I’m waaaaay behind on my blog reading, I didn’t even know she did a hair post :D

      I really need a haircut, but it’s already shorter than I’m used to… I don’t have a trusted hairdresser here yet, and I’m paranoid about getting too much lopped off. :P

      I envy you guys. You can just take a pair of clippers to it and call it a day!

      • Now now.. don’t be jelly. :P

        Those thick luxurious locks you upkeep so nicely for us pay dividends when we entwine a fistful of that soft sensuous silk between our fingers and slowly clench tightly, brushing our knuckles softly against the nape of your neck and draw your lips to ours with power, poise and driven purpose.. waiting with baited breath to exchange a passionate explosion of raw kinetic energy between trembling, delectable lips.

        Long hair evokes the passionate animal within the hearts of men.

        Never let it go or take it for granted :D

  6. On the cheapie side of things, Tresemme’s Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray is pretty solid. Curious about the argan oil, too, as I use it (only, so far) as a facial moisturizer.

    Funny, but I *just* got a haircut/hair reboot here too (after neglecting it since before baby #2 was born in March).

  7. If you’re going to flat iron your hair when it’s wet, you really need a good heat protector product – doesn’t have to be pricey, I just use the regular Pantene spray for that purpose. Other tips: if there is any wave in your hair at all, you can add some leave-in conditioner, wait till it’s almost dry and twist it up on your head with a clip. When it’s perfectly dry (has to be dry, not still damp) take it out and you will have mermaid waves. Of course, I don’t know how long your hair is, but that’s a good one if there’s any length to it :-)

    • Oooh, thanks for the heat protector product tip. I’ll nab some before I try it again.

      I’ve got enough to put in a bun (barely), but it’s still short enough that it just looks poofy and weird when I let it be naturally wavy. Bleh.

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