Link Love Thursday: Ladies Night Edition

My RSS reader is currently sitting at 1000+ unread items. This is what happens when I skip a week! So it’s Ladies Only this week, because there were less of them to read. Sorry guys, this is a red pill women blog. ;) You get your post soon.

BbSezMore – V-Day is Not Okay

Cakes and Shakes – Tribute Post: Bang Some Bros

judgybitch – This is what domestic violence looks like ((Don’t read this one after eating or drinking. It made me physically ill.))

On The Rock – A Woman in Love

The Lady I Can’t Explain – Taming the Quarrelsome Shrew in You

Life of Liz – I see YOU…YOU see me … What’s the BIG deal?

The Woman and the Dragon – Is there a perfect age to find a husband?

scarlettbetty – Where have you gone? I really enjoyed your latest post. Sad to see you go, hope all is well.

8 comments on “Link Love Thursday: Ladies Night Edition

  1. I love your link loves! Stuff I don’t get to sometimes! Have a great weekend RPW

  2. Thanks for the Link Love. That Judgy bitch post is BRUTAL.

  3. Thanks, RPW!

  4. How am I getting traffic from this post?

  5. Thanks for the kind link!

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