Shit My Husband Says #4

In response to my Anniversary post:

I <3 him. I'm a very lucky gal, and I know it. And I think he knows that I know it.

Damn right you are. Even luckier that I don’t try to abuse it. Now, since it’s just another Wednesday, I expect a 9 course meal when I get home followed by naked back rubs, 30 minute blow job and a good hour or so of buttsex. Loooooots of buttsex.

7 comments on “Shit My Husband Says #4

  1. Happy anniversary, that’s hilarious what he said.

  2. How’s your jaw and behind?

  3. Who’s springing for the lube. That’s the real definer of who wears the pants, hehe…

    • Hmm, lets see… We’ve got one bottle of water based, one silicone based, a bottle of vitamin e oil, and a jar of coconut oil.

      We’ve got enough to last AT LEAST a few weeks before we have to worry about springing for more.

  4. it’s spelled buttseks.

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