Oh Lawdy, Help Me Not To Punch This Chick

Captain M gave me a glorious day off today (though the weather has not been glorious, ick). Went to a local eatery for lunch by myself, it was loooovely.

As I’m sitting there, two 20ish girls sit down next to me and start talking loudly. Both are overweight, one a lot more than the other. The Biggest Girl starts telling the other about her “boyfriend”. “He won’t text or email me, he only direct messages me through Twitter, is that weird? And he only DM’s me when he wants me for sex. Ugh. I’m thinking of dumping him. He is soooo rude. But he just DM’d me. Do you think I should meet him? He wants to come to my place. He’s being so sweet about it, maybe I should this time. I wish he’d text me instead.”

Me: *silently judging, chewing on my shrimp fried rice, trying not to explode*

15 comments on “Oh Lawdy, Help Me Not To Punch This Chick

  1. I feel really sad for her though, she expects so little. Imagine, she does not think that she’s even worth a phone call.

    • Exactly. My post title is perhaps too strong, really I wanted to just look at her and say “Can you not see what’s going on here??? This man already has someone, whether it’s a girlfriend or a wife, and he’s hiding you from her by burying his communication. You think so little of yourself that you jump to his beck and call whenever he wants. Don’t you think you’re worth more than that????”

      But of course, it ain’t none of my business, and her tone told me that she’s the type to throw serious attitude or worse to someone who doesn’t agree with her, if you know what I mean. Her friend was ever the “Yes” girl.

      • “Don’t you think you’re worth more than that?”

        You have her answer already – no, she doesn’t. And if you probed a little deeper into her life you would likely find that yes, she is absolutely correct in her own assessment of her worth. She really isn’t worth much. She put a price on herself and found a buyer *at that price*. One twitter message and she provides sex. The worst hooker is pricier than this. When she is older and can’t even find a buyer at the bargain basement price she offers *today* how sad will that be? This was her choice though and if she is going to shout to the world (what she is doing talking about this in a crowded restaurant) that she really isn’t worth a squat then no one should be surprised when others agree with her.

  2. Which were you judging? Her weight? Both girl’s weights? Her neediness? Her “boyfriend.” How we think at 20? Why we think what we think at 20? There but for the grace of God go i? The whole enchilada…?

  3. The slag. I told her to keep things on the down-low and she goes mouthing to her BFF. Time to crack down on this chick. Thanks for the 411.

  4. At least she is getting some attention.

  5. Meh fat chicks getting her 10 minutes of alpha … not worth the concern

    Fat chicks arent known for their brains …

    Being fat is a low i.q sport

    She’s baited plenty of beta’s, but bites for the unavailable alpha …

    Not worth the concern … she’s getting her just deserts & loving the drama & attention

    She could be with a decent guy, but isnt … she’s getting what she wants … her 10 minutes of alpha …

  6. Notice how the tone of the original post draws in the Neanderthal, redneck misogyny and common bitch smack down commentary…there’s a lot of learning to be had in the brief snippet of every day life. Minimally, this kind of encounter should do more than bring out the worst interpretations of Red Pill.

    Even if they not packaged properly (yet) the young woman is someone’s daughter. The booty call boyfriend, someone’s son. Humanize the situation. Go beyond the surface of the skin. Look at it this way, we’ve got daughters who will be on the ship someday so it is in our best interest to get the whole crew on board…eh?

    • We all are… The worst of the worst are someone’s kid. Yeah, my thread topic is a little violent (I don’t really want to punch her in the face, but I’m prone to hyperbole in my descriptions), but her public actions and public appearance were very irritating when all I wanted to do was have a nice lunch. The tables were literally less than a foot apart from each other. Come on.

      I’m hoping my daughter 1) will be well educated enough by me that she’ll see the red flags and 2) will be discreet enough to not be screeching about it in public for all to hear.

    • I notice nothing of the kind. All I see is your attempt at chauvanistic shaming language.

      So exactly what part of anyone’s comments here is supposed to be ‘Neanderthal, redneck misogyny, and common bitch smack down’, and exactly what makes it so?

  7. @Redpillwifey

    Toxic women like alwayslearning is proof, Feminism is designed to destroy young women

    Women like alwayslearning go out of their way to destroy young women like the above

    Precisely to keep young women, fat slovenly & dating jerks

    This is WHY toxic feminists like alwayslearning dont want young women to face the REAL consequences of their actions

    Women like alwayslearning have no idea, at how much damage they cause by not stating the REAL consequences of a womans actions

    Feminism is designed to destroy women, which is precisely what women like alwayslearning is doing, by trying to shame the good redpillwifey

    Note the fat chick, is ATTRACTED to the guy, even sleeping with him, PRECISELY because NO-ONE told her ALL WOMEN are attracted to assholes & assholish behaviour…

    Notice, the chick is fat, precisely because no one told her being fat & slovenly has deadly consequences & destroys her chances at a relationship with a decent man

    Decent successful men, dont date fat, or obese chicks like the plague

    Her slovenly appearance & sleeping around confirms the deadly consequences of shielding women

    Redpillwifey nails it …

    The chick is fat & slovenly & dating a jerk, because the fat chick loves dating jerks

    Feminism is designed to destroy young women

    Women like alwayslearning are a toxic destroyer of women, precisely because she outright lies to women with her feminist bs

  8. @Alwayslearning…

    I’m going to try and be nice with this one… you can’t criticize an author for his/her tone when you don’t like it. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    Tone, whether you like it or not, can be used to convey or reinforce a message, not necessarily to be taken seriously or literally.

    Before you attach strong words yourself like “chauvinist”, “misogyny” etc… Maybe check to make sure you actually disagree with the message, i.e., this chick needs to respect herself, rather than jump into bed with a guy who doesn’t even think she is worth a text message.


    He probably only DM’s her cause he doesn’t want her to have his cell number. i.e., he knows she will end up batshit crazy when things don’t go beyond random sex, so he has already planned for that. My guess at least.

    Glad you had a day off to yourself, I hope you enjoyed it.

    • Aah, true about the number. I immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was using her as a side piece, but your explanation makes sense too. He can just block her if she starts going BSC.

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