Postpartum Depression

Did you know you can get postpartum depression up to a year after giving birth?

Yeah, me either. And apparently it’s common, especially after having a multiple birth.

These last few weeks have been pretty blah. Even after the Captain and I have solved our issues from January, my state of mind is jostling between anxious/nervous for no reason, and depressed/sad for no reason. I start to feel like there’s something vital that I need to be doing or saying, but I can’t put my finger on it, and I get that “oh shit, you forgot something important!” feeling. You know that recurring dream where you suddenly remember that you should be in class, only the semester is half over and you haven’t been in class the whole time? That feeling. Slightly elevated heart rate, jittery, tight feeling in my chest. Then the next minute, I’m in tears over a story I saw on Facebook, or a random thought that popped in my head. I’m a bit of a cryer at movies, but crying 4-5 times in the last week is unusual for me.

My doc gave me the option to talk to a counselor along with or instead of drugs, but… I honestly don’t think that’d help. I don’t have any serious issues going on right now, certainly not anything that should make me so anxious and keep me up at night, when the boys are finally sleeping for 11 hours a stretch. I mean, really. I should be enjoying sleep right now. So Wellbutrin it is, if only for a few months. I’m pretty iffy about drugs, but when things are legitimately chemically off, I guess there’s not much else to do. And Wellbutrin at least has the potential side effects of weight loss and increased libido, so weeeeeee. And it’s easier to ween off of.

I will say, though, it’s nice to have a doctor walk in and start raving about your weight loss. I feel like I’m all stalled out, but she was really impressed. I was particularly face-bloated while pregnant, so I’m sure that has something to do with her perception! But she said a paleo diet is a great idea, and if I keep at it, I shouldn’t be surprised if I get pregnant again, because healthy weight loss leads to increased fertility. THANKS DOC. I don’t even want to think about that.

But I digress. Hopefully this will be eye-opening for someone, because I thought PPD was something that happened within the first 4 months or so, not 10 months.

23 comments on “Postpartum Depression

  1. I am sorry that you are going through this and hope the medicine helps…I got PPD when I stopped nursing kid #3 at 11 months. I was also iron deficient and it took months for my levels to come back. I kept thinking…what is wrong with me? Thankfully it was time for my annual and my doc explained that when you are nursing you are still maintaining those pregnancy hormones and when you stop nursing then things are trying to get back to “normal”. He also told me that it can take 12-18 months for our bodies to fully recover after having a baby or after you stop nursing. They also found that I didn’t have enough Vitamin D…geez…it’s heck to get old:) Make sure you are still taking those vitamins…sorry, I sound like a mom, huh?
    And I sooooo have that dream…or close to it…It is time for my final and if I don’t pass then I can’t graduate and since I haven’t been to class all semester I wander around trying to remember where it is…so scary!

  2. Wait, a doctor said paleo is good for you? What kind of doctor do you go to? They usually push grains, low fat food, and Rx meds on everyone.

    • Unfortunately she’s an OBGYN, not a GP… otherwise I’d see her for everything. She is awesome. Always answers every question, never makes it seem like she’s rushing me, generally on time, and she’s a big geek like me so we spend half the appointment talking about Battlestar Galactica or Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. :) She is seriously amazing. Friendly in every sense if the word… I feel like I’m catch up with an old friend when I see her.

  3. Heh. If it makes you feel any better, Welbutrin has the fewest sexual side effects of any antidepressant. Even more, in it’s Phase II trials it was known as the “female orgasm drug”, because it can cause spontaneous arousal and even spontaneous orgasm in a small percentage of women.

    Things might just be turning around for you . . .

  4. I would be careful with Wellbutrin if you’re dealing with anxiety – while it works well for depression, it can make anxiety worse. Just be aware of that and call your doc if the anxiety doesn’t improve in a few weeks

  5. When used appropriately, most meds are good; it sounds like you’re on the right track. You might also want to try some form of “light therapy” until spring, even if it’s just a matter of brighter light bulbs around the house.

  6. Don’t rule out seasonal depression either. Light therapy and wellbutrin seem to work pretty well for my wife who suffers every winter.

  7. Spontaneous arousal? Seriously? Hah! *happy dance* I knew it wasn’t all in my head! I thought it was just me..My doctor was skeptical when I told her I was so aroused I was in pain, but she did agree to give me a prescription for something else. That was such a frustrating experience.

  8. Oh, those dreams! I have those all the time. Another is where my dorm room is all set up in the stairwell & there is a never-ending parade of people through my room.

    I don’t know anything about PPD, but for sleep I use chelated magnesium. It works wonders for me, but you have to beware the Milk of Magnesia effect. I also try to get as much sun as possible.

  9. I find a few eightballs, a line or two, and $1 malt liquor work wonders. Using a hooker’s ass as a tray is completely optional. However, side effects include waking up in strange alleys and plane tickets to Tijuana.

    Hope you feel better.

  10. Hi redpillwifey. Obviously I’ve never had ppd but have had my struggles with depression and only two things ever helped me, SSRIs and cognitive behavioral therapy. Regular old talk therapy was mostly a waste of time. Sometimes it’s tough to know in the middle of an episode if your intuition against talk therapy is rational or just emotional thinking, but it sounds to me like your gut is steering you correctly. Anyway you might get the book Feeling Good by David Burns, if you haven’t already, CBT did help me.

  11. Thumbs up on the weight loss, and wishing you all the best with the Wellbutrim. Don’t know much about it, other than Athol recommended it to others before, so it must one of the good choices. I hope it works out great.

  12. Lots of fish oil may be the answer. Pregnancy and nursing deplete a woman of DHA if she doesn’t replenish. The author Dr. Barry Sears is the expert on fish oil.

  13. “You know that recurring dream where you suddenly remember that you should be in class, only the semester is half over and you haven’t been in class the whole time?”

    Uncanny. I didn’t know anyone else had this recurring dream. Worst part is, the midterm is today and I don’t even know where the class has been meeting!

    Worse yet is the follow up dreams where I’ve been desperately trying to get my sh!t in one sock, laying out a day planner and campus map, and still struggling to get to class on time.

    I’ve been out of college now for over 15 years. Apparently it was a traumatic experience…

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