My Red Valentine

I’m not done catching up on blog reading yet. So no link love yet, but here are some Red Pill and Blue Pill Valentines! We’re not celebrating, we usually just find some embarrassing thing like this to post on each other’s Facebook pages.















Edit: OH!! I just found the best one!!


8 comments on “My Red Valentine

  1. “Best of luck trying to reconcile your feminist beliefs with Valentine’s Day” Hilarious!

    You KNOW the more of a screaming feminist she is, the more the poor guy is going to have to grovel today!

  2. Oh these are some really good ones! I am definitely stealing a couple of them.

    We are proud V Day boycotters since the early days of our relationship. Anniversary, then I do like to bring on the romance. That is OUR date, not some ramdon date cupid nonesense.

  3. These are so awesome! I want to send the last one to one of my co-workers, lol.

  4. Love them! I shared some of the SAME ones on my blog as well as facebook today. They crack me up!

    • Doh, that’s what I get for ignoring my blog reader app :P I put some on Captain M’s Facebook page, hehe. I like finding good reasons to post red pill stuff, even though I think a lot of my Facebook friends would disown me if I really spoke my mind.

  5. the first pic in blue is a stategy we men use so we don’t have to do the dishes again.

    sneaky tricky, no.

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