The Word of the Day is PANTIES


Came across this article condemning this fabulous word.

Some excerpts, with my commentary.

Sure, when said within the confines of a lingerie store, by an older saleswoman with a tape measure around her neck and glasses slipping down her nose, it’s fine: “Did you see the black underwire has the matching panty?” But taken out of this context ((In other words, when there’s men involved)), the word “panty” can be grimace-inducing—and there are a few possible reasons for that. ((and they’re all hamster bullshit))

So saying or hearing the word around old unsexualized ladies is fine, but if there’s any chance it could be construed as sexy or feminine, it’s creepy. Got it.

I’ve heard several people refer to the word as “infantilizing.” The addition of the suffix “-ies” (or in the singular form, “-y”) converts the word into a diminutive. Literally: “little pants.” The suffix puts it in the same category as “booties” and “blankies”

This is the dumbest argument I’ve ever seen. The plural of words that end in -y end in -ies and don’t mean “little” anything, and have nothing to do with babies. Companies, faculties, atrocities, implausibilities. Rationalizing and terrible writing at its finest.

It’s funny. It’s funny because the word is a sexual word. If you don’t agree, picture your father or grandfather. Now picture him saying “panties.” I admire the woman who doesn’t shudder.

So? I can’t imagine my dad or grandad talking about corsets or garter belts either, but what does that mean? Nothing. If you judged something inappropriate based on imagining your dad or grandfather doing it, we would die out as a species. I don’t want to hear my dad saying “corset” or “spank” or “sex” either.

Besides, I bet your dad loved it when your mom said the word “panties”.

Why does panties sound sexual? Many arguments could be made, not the least concerning advertising. I have a hunch that the sexualization of the word “panties” is the result of some marketing focus group grasping for a word to run alongside pictures of lingerie models in “tempting” mesh undergarments.

Or it could be sexualized because its the only part of a woman’s clothing that touches her vagina… But I guess vaginas are supposed to be looked at in a non-sexual, “non-threatening” way, so that would make no sense to the author.

Another friend, also male, said “panties” sounds so naughty simply because it refers to something so exclusively feminine.

God forbid.

Actress Christina Hendricks, in 2011, told Esquire that “Panties is wonderful word. … It’s girly. It’s naughty. Say it more.” Personally, though, I don’t know many women who would agree with her.

Oh Christina, I love that woman. She embraces her femininity in such a sexy, unslutty way. Grace with a little bit of naughty. Women could learn from her. Her statement about not knowing women who would agree certainly speaks to whom the author hangs around with.

However, “panties” forces us to call our underwear something sexy, when really we decide for ourselves whether our underwear is sexy or not.

No ma’am. “Sexy” is in the eye of the beholder. We don’t decide that. Because if it were that easy, we’d declare comfy sweatpants sexy on women and beta behavior sexy for men and call it a day.

So far, the best alternative seems to be referring to them by their particular style, like men do: briefs, boxers, boxer-briefs, long-johns. We could call them thongs, boy-shorts, G-strings. Et cetera.

Yes…. Because thongs and G-strings are completely not sexual!

It’s well-documented that women are ahead of the curve when it comes to linguistic ingenuity. When it comes to trends, women often set them rather than follow them—so if women are disgusted, then it’s our responsibility to keep the conversation going. At this point, it might be a good thing to get our bottom-undies in a twist.

Do I even need to point out the absolute irony of the sexism of this whole paragraph? Nah, I’ll let it speak for itself.

If you’re getting your panties in a twist over the word panties, I’m guessing you’re a woman who has been totally sheltered and hasn’t experienced real life outside your tiny apartment full of your man-hating friends. Learn to let it go and embrace your womanhood, lady. You’ll be a lot happier than ranting about names for your undergarments.

15 comments on “The Word of the Day is PANTIES

  1. I’ve heard panty pronounced usually as pan-knees. What’s correct?

    Pan-knees or Pan-tees? I refer to them as undies – which I suppose sounds just as juvenile as panties.

    Anyway, the whole issue isn’t really something to get your undies all up in a bunch.

    (“moist” is another one)

  2. Because scabies and rabies sound so cute zomg!

  3. “I guess vaginas are supposed to be looked at in a non-sexual, “non-threatening” way, so that would make no sense to the author.”

    Maybe if her panties weren’t permanently freeze-dried she might lighten up a little.

  4. I don’t know, “crotchless underwear” just doesn’t have the same ring to it in my opinion. I think I gotta stick with “panties.”

  5. There are feminist, people who believe in equal pay for equal work and things like that. Then there are what I like to call “fundamentalist feminist” … these are those man-bashing-bitches that think every man is a potential rapist. You know they say every woman is unique and beautiful in her own special way and that all men are exactly the same. They say this while not realizing the contradiction they create when saying they are also not prejudice. You just read something by a “F.F.” (fundamentalist feminist). The disease is incurable unfortunately. But it sounds like you are intelligent, so you are immune to it. (F.F’s are just as annoying as those fundamentalist christian women who protest strip clubs — you know, the women you would pay to put their clothes BACK ON.)

  6. “Many arguments could be made, not the least concerning advertising.”

    The media is a whore. It does not create desire, it exploits it. I really tire of this argument, just another rationalization and deflection (regardless of what desire is being rationalized or deflected).

    “You only want me in those PANTIES because you saw that Victoria’s Secret ad!”

    “No, it just REMINDED me that I want you in those panties.”

    In an article where he discusses some guy’s views on why men find younger women attractive, attributing it to societal conditioning, Heartiste provides an ironic liberal-mind bender on this kind of thinking,

    “PS Hey, Hugo! Are gay men taught by society to desire other men?

    Finally, when was the last time you saw or heard the word “panties” in an advertisement anyway?

  7. That fisking was like shooting fish in a barrel. Still, well done.

    Why is it that they so incapable of applying basic logic to their own work, to look at it with a critical eye? Where is the editor? Does thier editor think that their job is just to look for grammatical errors and typos?

    The mainstream chattering class grows more incompetent every day.

  8. Lmao. This brightened my day.

  9. My pup loves panties. Every chance he gets, he steals one of my lacy thongs and leaves it out in the yard. The neighbors love it. My panties are a regular topic of conversation around here. And everybody uses the word.

    • Hahahaha… I lost many a pair when we had our doggies. Our little pup liked bras too. Got a couple of pics of him dragging one around the house. :P

  10. The Atlantic likely thinks this is a good thing – “Thrown in Jail for Saying ‘Panties’”


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