First Officer’s Log, Stardate 309237.8

Small update from me.

There’s a minor cold going around in our house, and I’m not thrilled about that. It means no babysitting for us, so no dates for us, and no play dates for the kids, which sucks because I had a few lined up that I’ve had to cancel. It doesn’t seem to be as severe as last time, so hopefully it’ll be gone quickly instead of lingering for 4 weeks.

Girl Game update:

Thursday I got dressed up, pulled my hair up into a ponytail, perfected my makeup, and met him at the door with a glass of Sangria. He’d brought home some delicious Texas BBQ, and it was a nice evening. Wednesday when he got home, I kneeled before him and took his boots off. He seemed to like it. I’m not doing something everyday, but at trying to do something special a couple of days a week.

Speaking of dresses, I found a goldmind of a consignment store. I got 3 very nice designer dresses for $16 a piece. I’m hoping to replace most of my wardrobe by the end of the year with mostly dresses, skirts, and nice blouses. T-shirts are for working around the house during the day and sleeping. The consignment store also has a nice selection of shoes, which I also badly need to work on. Right now I have a pair of brown wedge sandals, black sparkly heels (that hurt my feet after a few hours), black knee-high boots, and brown Vans tennis shoes. I need to find something feminine and comfortable to replace the Vans.

In weight loss, I finally got past 30 lbs lost. I’m losing slowly, but fairly steadily. 15 more to go. Hoping to hit the gym again next week, since my back issue is resolving.

We had an argument Thursday night that turned into a very long chat about how we communicate, how we both see our sex lives, and other varying topics. I think we both understand each other a lot better, so that’s great. Some harsh truths were said by both of us, but the night ended well, with both of us in bed happy. That’s such an amazing improvement from how we usually argue. I’m not even sure that we’ve done that before. It was nice. I need to expound on some of the truth I got dealt, maybe sometime this week if I get a few hours from somewhere.

4 comments on “First Officer’s Log, Stardate 309237.8

  1. Just want to say I like your blog. My wife and I are on Nutrisystem and have found it easy to follow. I lost 32 pounds in 100 days (and have maintained now for 6 months) and she just surpassed 50 pounds lost on NS plus another 25 before that. It has also taught us the correct portion sizes and types of foods to eat. Also drinking 8 glasses of water per day and working out 3-4 days per week. We highly recommend NS. She will probably lose her last 30 pounds by August.

    Because she has lost so much weight, clothes that fit have been a blessing and a curse! It gives her confidence to clear out the closet and replace clothes that are huge with a smaller size, but the continual expenditure has been draining! But I’ll take it! She is much more confident about her body and her feminine side is coming out of hiatus. I’ll mention the idea about a consignment shop to her. Perhaps she can sell some of her old clothes there too.

  2. Loafers for women are very much in style now. Go for one pair in black and then a cool pair in leopard print (but no other print, only leopard is in style now). A grey or taupe would work too. I wear those- and I never wear sneakers….ever. They’re just as comfy.

  3. What is this blasphemy I hear about sleeping with clothes on? ;)

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