Google Search Terms Part 3

Mine aren’t nearly as interesting or funny as Bronan’s. But this is my last 30 days….

“thanksgiving pantyhose” – Is that like a turkey in pantyhose? Works much better with dogs.
naked girl with apron cleaning – I get a lot of naked lady apron hits.
ibeta pussy – is Apple getting into sex toys?
“dannyfrom504″ pregnant -twitter – uh…. Danny? Got some news?
sex while ironing – that seems awfully dangerous. I wouldn’t do this for the same reason I’d never cook bacon naked.
suit fetish daddy – did I mention my suit fetish? I must have. I really do have one. A well-tailored suit is the male equivalent of lingerie. Unf.
tight red panty fap – I shoulda known that using FAP in a post would get this…
christina hendricks red panties – hey google person, if you found this, my contact info is above…. Not that I have a crazy girl crush on her or anything.
sleeping with sock over dick and balls – I’m guessing this person lives in Canada. It’s too damn cold up there. You crazy Canucks.
men’s deodorant scents that drive women wild – Old Spice Swagger. I want to stick my face in Captain M’s armpits like all the time.
get husband to read mmslThis is relevant to your interests.

11 comments on “Google Search Terms Part 3

  1. What? I”m cracking up at these. I don’t know how to find that info from a blogger blog, I’d love to see how people come about mine. That’s hilarious!

    • Can you set up Google Analytics in blogger? That’s a way you could see them… Not sure how blogger works though. :P

  2. Hahaha, ibeta pussy! It does sound like an apple sex toy. Also, no joke on the Old Spice Swagger, best deodorant scent ever! I think it’s like 90% aphrodisiac, 5% pheromones, 5% deodorant. My search terms are mostly porn related…

  3. Think I might have to copy you here. Love these!

  4. “sleeping with sock over dick and balls” – That’s a really good idea. Also good: regular underwear

  5. Those are totally hilarious!

    Off topic – I closed The Woman and the Dragon (but I did put up the archive), so the link in your blogroll to my old blog is no longer functional.

    Have fun on your vacay, RPW. Hope you’ve been eating your yogurt and drinking your cranberry juice this week in preparation. ;)

  6. “thanksgiving pantyhose” – Is that like a turkey in pantyhose?

    Sounds like it should be your entire Thanksgiving uniform. I’m sure hubby would be very thankful.

    “ibeta pussy”

    Vegas allows you to bet with hookers instead of chips now?

  7. gee. seems like the guy is the last one to know.

  8. [...] the year or the like (since they’re still the same as calendar year), so in seeing this and this, I thought I’d go into the search terms for the blog. There’s not that many illogical [...]

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