Link Love Thursday 5/2/13

A day early, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to tomorrow! In no particular order.

The Eternal Captain Rule

Product Review: Tenga® Easy Beat Egg™ Artificial Vagina, “Silky”

Between The Genders – Changing The Vocabulary

Raising a girl/woman

How Old Is That In Kryptonian Years?

The Fringe is Fine

Maybe it’s because you’re a bitch.

Some things need Re-examining

Boss From Hell Chronicles: How I Learned What I Was Really Being Paid For

Oh, what a surprise! Jezebel shames men in skirts. Those pansy-ass guys will never get laid.

Benefits to being a Ne’er-Do-Well

The Tribes of Game

**Also, if you happen to use the Flipboard app, I’m publishing all these as a magazine, updated periodically during the week. It’s basically just a fancy RSS reader.**



13 comments on “Link Love Thursday 5/2/13

  1. Thanks for love!

  2. Thanks for the link love!

  3. Thanks for the Love!

    And, I know I keep saying this, but I totally need to do this! I keep forgetting to save my favs. Some day, I swear :)

    Also, isn’t that panda picture the cutest? Makes you want to jump right in & waller them both!

  4. Nice links and blog. But how do I add your magazine in Flipboard?

    • When you click the link I posted, it should take you to a page that gives you a link to download the Android/iOS app if you’re using a tablet or phone. Unfortunately there’s no desktop application yet. :(

      If you can download the app, it should give you the option to open the link in the app, and you can click “subscribe” at the top of the magazine cover.

  5. The review for “Tenga® Easy Beat Egg™ Artificial Vagina” just would be on a site called “delicious tacos,” wouldn’t it?

    Thanks for the link.

  6. guessing you forgot that cakesandshakes is password protected.

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