Monopoly Gamers choose the Cat to replace the Iron


What a coincidence, a lot of women doing that too!


11 comments on “Monopoly Gamers choose the Cat to replace the Iron

  1. Hahaha hadn’t put that connection together. Nice one!!!

  2. This is so funny. I almost wrote a post about this yesterday as well. Your’s is far better and straight to the point. Ever have a day where you just can’t make a point? Yeah, that was me trying to write this yesterday so I scrapped it. Glad you wrote about it!

    • Oh yes, many days like that. Though lately I feel my posts have been TOO straight to the point, because I haven’t had the attention span to expound on my points, hehe. Hopefully fixing that soon.

  3. And to think people question why I’m parking on a few acres in Texas and refusing to get married.

    • I must say, I think you could find a red pill minded woman in Texas. In fact, of all the states I think you’re most likely to find both hot and red pill minded here. Especially if you find yourself near a more agricultural town.

      But I know I could never convince you of that, so I’ll say “have fun with the Texas hotties, there’s a lot of them” :D

      • I think he could find one too, but the problem isn’t a lack of red pill women ITFP.

        The problem is a lack of trustworthy COMMUNITIES.

        Marriage and similar relationships aren’t just contracts between a man on one side and a woman on the other. They’re also contracts between a man and a woman on one side and a community on the other. I don’t know of any communities that ANY man, let alone a red pill man, can trust to hold up their end of those deals anymore. Do you?

        It’s not the women. It’s the communities. You can find red pill women anywhere. You just can’t find a community in which it’s safe enough to commit to them.

        In today’s 1st world countries, finding and committing to a woman just makes men bigger targets and more vulnerable, because once you do, the community expects even more from you, while holding you to even more ridiculously impossible double standards. Not only do you become even more of a target, but the community takes away even more of your basic civil liberty protections.

        Maybe it’s not as noticeable to you women because a community’s estimate of your value increases with a good man’s commitment, and so too does their protection of your civil liberties increase, in addition to all the protection and valuing that your man provides himself.

        But for us red pill guys, it doesn’t matter how red pill wonderful you gals are. The communities are so bad that you ladies simply can’t be good enough to make up for it. The risks are too great. You can’t protect us. Nobody can.

        Your communities have made committing to a woman today, even just as little as a BF or FB, create such huge targets on our backs while taking away so much of our remaining civil liberty protections that pr0n and sexbots are already preferable to real women, even for high-value guys, just because they’re so much safer.

  4. @danny every woman I have come across through my blog who is red pill is from Texas. Have fun!

    @RPW I like how your posts are to the point, there is always something to be said for brevity.

  5. Oh what delicious IRON-y.

  6. Does the cat come with two turntables and a microphone?

  7. haha I missed this. Gold.

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