Come on now.

Got my first vitriol-filled rant comment today. I was slightly baffled by it, since it was from someone who basically believes the same things I do… but the details don’t really matter.

Look. I’d be wonderfully happy to debate certain topics in a civilized, calm manner. I absolutely love doing so. It gives me a broader understanding of the world, and helps me make informed decisions. And it puts me in contact with truly interesting people.

But if you come here spewing vitriol and hate, you’re not going to make it past moderation. Sorry. Try again.

30 comments on “Come on now.

  1. Doesn’t that mean you’ve made it, like when you get your first troll?

    Nobody ever spews vitriol & hate on my site (except me, lol) :(

  2. [...] did not approve my comment. But she did make a post about me. Sorry no matter how much you bend over for Paul Elam, Red Pill Wifey he still hates you [...]

  3. Tried to read the rant. Incoherent nonsense. Pay the anonymous loser no mind and carry on. Clearly that person has issues and you are a target of opportunity. Disgusting behavior on his part.

  4. haters gonna hate, you are much more gentle and kind than she seems to be.

    • I actually sent her an email requesting civil discourse, then this was posted, so I guess that’s a “no”, lol.

      • SOP for detractors of the red pill. It’s almost impossible to get a rational debate on these topics from someone with an opposing view. They lead with their conclusions and spew ad hominem at you. It’s almost a script. You’re labeled first and rationalized second.

  5. “Got my first vitriol-filled rant comment today”

    If you grilled my steaks the way I told you, it wouldn’t be necessary.

  6. I was gonna leave you a vitriol filled rant too, but mine was more like, quit commenting over at MMSL and write a new post.

    • LOL! Yeah, I know. It’s hard for me to sit down and write anything more than a couple of sentences at a time right now. For a while there, I was getting lots of time on Sunday to write out my posts for the week, but that time has kind of dried up as of late.

  7. I had a woman go off on a tangent, told her to quit, then posted her email and told readers to contact her to discuss. I only let her email sit publicly for 5 minutes then pulled it.

    She went to every female blog at the time and whined about what I did. However (as most female bloggers can verify) I knowostvof the female bloggers personally and the backed me.

    She quickly and quietly went back to her little corner of the blogosphere.

    One poster is a white supremicst and I blocked him. Though he has a female mole pulling male readers to their site.

  8. Oh, I’ve dealt with this woman before. EditaTWRA has posted nasty comments on my blog, too. She runs a site called Traditional Women’s Rights or something like that. She’s also been the focus of a recent series of posts at Unmasking Feminism. You can safely ignore her; there will be no civil discourse with this woman.

    • Doesn’t look like anybody reads her blog either, considering the paltry number of hits I’ve gotten from it, lol.

      Crazy people be crazy.

  9. Anyone who uses that many “big” words in a small space is clearly trying to overcompensate for some sort of insecurity, like not feeling smart enough.

    In a past life, I never really got nasty comments like this, but I sure got my share of nasty emails. You’ve always handled the trolls well.

  10. Haters gonna hate. What can you do?

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