Hi. I’m just a Red Pill wife trying to get along in a Blue Pill world. I’ve got 3 beautiful kids, a cozy house, and an Alpha/Beta husband that makes me tingle. This is a blog about a little bit of everything in my life, from the mundane to the Rated X, but mostly our journey as a husband-lead family.

No, I don’t consider a “Manosphere” blog (because, uh, I don’t have a penis), but I do enjoy reading them. This blog is written for myself and other red pill ladies, but it goes without saying, all are welcome to comment!

Click here for my story.

5 comments on “About

  1. Your blog is great, keep it up!!

  2. Red Pill Wifey. Name is unique.

  3. i am a redpill wife as well, are you interested in starting a forum or so?

  4. I was a red pill wifey, now a divorced ex. Following.

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